If you have tested positive for the coronavirus or if you are a Corona-virus infected person or fearing the virus, please follow the steps below. These steps are based on the narratives we gathered from those people who tested positive for the virus and later tested negative.

1.       Yoga: Every morning as you get up, the first thing you will do is a breathing Yoga—inhaling and exhaling (Anulam-bilam or Kapal bhanti).  Here is the link for you to know how to do it. Please click here and watch the video.

2.       Drink: Drink a lot of warm water every day. Drink water with turmeric powder; make for yourself ginger drink, garlic drink, lemon drink, electrolytes and drink at least 4/5 times a day.

3.       Ayurvedic medicines: There is a lot of Ayurvedic stuff out there. Please consume them daily, such as  Gurjo, Timur, Jethi Madhu, etc.

4.       Diet: When you eat, please make sure you have enough protein in your food. Make sure you consume enough egg whites and fish and meat, and meat soup, and lentil soup.

5.       Miscellaneous: At the same time, you can also take Vitamin C and D tablets. 

6.       Most essential: You must wear a face mask if/when you go out, maintain social distancing, must continue washing hands with soap and water and try to isolate yourself from others.

When you follow all these steps above, you will definitely beat the corona-virus because that is exactly what those people in Nepal did, who later tested negative, after they tested positive for the virus.

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